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sadly the sentiment expressed  can only be extended to those, willing to earn the respect of others that  they'd like as well


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  • We at peaZant international are here to inspire    the    uninspired....Which irronicaly , is   just   the    opposite of what the brand   name   suggest , by design.... As we are here for the sole purpose     of        empowering     the powerless  : by   restoring    integrity into  every aspect   of   the  business World...  in hopes...be   it   slim,  that this small  step   will   translate  into even    bigger   ones . In   respect  to restoring some   level   of  humanity,  that many seem to have lost  in  the capitalist society we live in....That is seemingly minated by deceptive, business  tactics .Which it seems on some level is the driving force, in the building of the   type of  wealth. That drastically     shapes      the    Worlds landscape   without   respect   to the voice        of    those ,  whom    would probably actually like to have a say   in the matter..aking their consumer  choices  useless   in   improving   the quality of life of the  very   ones   that foot the bill...  if   you will. Prompting a great many  to   e faith in any aspiration for the future... which is a condition that I could refer to by it's politically correct name,  but I won't because  I think you know WHERE I'm going with this.  However, I feel that it's time to take the stigma out of a label used to degrade some of society. Who's contributions are just as substantial   as those  whom are more   fortunate   than  them...  and should   be  recognized as such. As there are a number(0)of labels, that could possibly be   bestowed  upon    someone.... Many of which... in my opinion, are far more   depressing  than   that of a peaZant... many of whom's  integrity   and   morals  is   beyond   reproach. As  I'd   like    to  THINK mines  is... because, I've had many opportunities to sell out. Although, I remain steadfast, after  having been given   a  gift,  that    few    will    ever obtain... irregardless  of HOW  many benjamins they maintain....  Which is why   our      motto    is: "I'm   enough without it. ".... Needless to say,  that in a society that listens to those with resources,  while     ignoring   those without... makes    this     statement somewhat  contradictory. However,  you don't have to be wealthy,  to be a  big person.... No  disrespect to   the wealthy... SOME   of whom's wealth comes    from    YEARS    of BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS. However,  there are others, whom are just as SHADY as       some      young       person... masquerading as  an OLD LADY for the mischievous purpose of trolling the social   media,  playground.... Or attempting    the      rather  childish,  manuever     of    distorting     one's perception....  Or,  wait   a  minute...  relay a message,  via    the coached clown. Who's shadowy image of you, tends to give   one   the   impression that they know you. When   the truth of   the    matter   is,  that   there  are certain aspects   of   any   individual that  they  don't  even know about at certain  times ... as    there revealed daily throughout the course of you're   ENTIRE  life 😁...  to each,  his      or   her own. As   I prefer   the  straight forward,  approach:   that   only   a  good,  old      fashioned     dm   can offer... but that's just me. Although, I think something can   be said ,of the anonymity   and   convenience   that vast resources  can   afford   you  in certain situations   just as much, as you'd   have    to    be a pretty strong individual       not    to   conform    to everyone else's standards and opt to use higher   ... Nevertheless,  I'd like to welcome you to    this site... and this       brand... which    ain't     for everybody.... as always. Thanks  GB. 


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  • If you're not already excited about the brand...I really don't know WHAT I could possibly do to sell you on it... other than lie, con, or misrepresent the brands purpose lol. 


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  • This is more than just another apparel line: however, I'm gonna leave any woud be  suggestive, titles that anyone wants to associate to this brand, to the consumer.... I will also be sharing with you the version of some of the misconceptions,  and inconsistencies that you haven't previously been privy to. Which I think is an important aspect of the brands identity... while at the same time,  have you eagerly anticipating the arrival of my manuscript.... Which will be appropriately titled: "ALLEGATIONS. "

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